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제목 말레이시아대학교 모하매드오마르 학장 특강
작성자 관리자 조회수 450 작성일 2013.09.17



지난 2013 말레이시아 해외디자인초대전에서 학회 회원작품을 초대전시 해주시고 
현지 방문한 참가작가들에게 아낌없는 예우를 다해주신 모하매드오마르 학장님이 
한국을 방문하시고 인천대학교에서 아래와 같이 특강을 하시니 관심있는 회원들의 많은 참가를 바랍니다. 

주제 : 디자인의 이해-말레이시안의 관점에서 
초청강사 : 모하매드오마르 학장(MOHAMAD OMAR) 
일시,장소 : 2013년 9월23일(월) 오후3시30분, 인천대학교 소극장 

Understanding of Design: Through Malaysian Eyes 

Malaysia is situated between Thailand and Indonesia. The exchange of movement and  migration by people of these country are common. 
Culture are infused with some similarities between the neighboring borders. But, it only ends at the border, the 3 nation differ with diverse culture, tradition and heritage. 

My observation and understanding of design in Malaysia begins with a brief history search of Malay culture which dates back to the third or fourth century. The first written communication (graphic and communication) artifact is a stone inription relic, proving that Islam has reached East Malay Peninsular in early 14th century. 

Crafts in Malaysia started as early as the 14th century, where artisans worked under the patronage of the ruling classes, decorating palaces and regal attires. During this period, artisans and craftsman were not allowed to express, but rather copy their works of art dictated by strict aesthetic and religious structure by their patrons. 

It is only until the early 16th century when the Portuguese came to the Malay Peninsular, which was followed by the British in the 17th century that western influence reached here. 

During the rule of the British Empire, the British brought western influence of industrialization. They also brought in the Chinese and Indians along with their diverse culture. 
Over the years through colonization, and the infusion of the 3 main races, Malaysia has become what it is today. A Melting pot. 

Pre independence : Crafts based on local knowledge. 
-Fine metal 

Post independence : Graphic communication and industrial design 

Industrialization in Malaysia : 

Sustainability : 

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